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2.04.2022 – 16.4.2022,

Berlin, Germany.

“SETAREH is pleased to announce the group exhibition WOW NOW.

The intention of this show is to create a platform for young artists to show their work in an international gallery. Participating artists have been carefully chosen based on three criteria; every artist must be 35 years or younger, based in Berlin, and isn't represented by a gallery yet.

The selected works on view capture the Zeitgeist of the Berlin Art Scene. Varying mediums and practices present the extensive scope of talented young artists, shaping the art world now. SETAREH is excited to show emerging and very promising artists in its Berlin space.”

"YOUNG POETS" Reiners Contemporary,

11.09.2022 – 06.11.2022,

Marbella, Malaga Spain.

The show brings together outstanding positions of young artistic production of our present. In painterly, sculptural and installative arrangements, the works transport the viewer into dreamy, sometimes voyeuristic still lifes from the digital off. Past deeply rooted youth memories, spiritual snapshots of captivating materiality emerge, questioning our everyday relationship to touch and encounters of a digital wilderness. Like a love letter they ask us to resist the temptation of their beauty.
curated by Lukas Jakob

"Ékstasis" Shame Brussels,

20.10.2022 – 30.11.2022,

Brussles, Belgium.

“Ecstasy (from Ancient Greek κστασις ékstasis, meaning 'outside of oneself') is an experience of total involvement of the subject, with an object of their awareness. In classical Greek literature it refers to removal of the mind or body "from its normal place of function." Some artworks are a kind of ecstasy; they give you goosebumps or make you dizzy in the head, making them a source of happiness for the beautiful, the bold, the ugly and the isolated. ‘Ékstasi’ explores this potential; in a duel with all that is obvious and mundane, its artists mix the
frightful and the stunning, the unique and the obscene into compelling works that will lift your hairs and turn your senses upside down.”

"An AIDS Walkthrough" Instinct Berlin,

6.4.2023 – 16.04.2023,

Berlin, Germany.

"An AIDS Walkthrough" is an exhibition that brings together Berlin-based contemporary artists and international art practitioners and researchers to facilitate an intergenerational dialogue on the impacts of HIV/AIDS on society.
The exhibition seeks to address important questions, such as how to pass on and honor the memory of a traumatic period in our history, how to show hope for the end of the pandemic with treatments that work, and how to ensure that we do not forget that the fight is not over, especially for our friends who live in countries where prevention and treatment are non-existent.

Curated by Samuel Perea Diaz and Eric le Rouge


"PERSPECTIVAS E IDENTIDADES" Ineditad gallery, (Galeria nueva)

8.10.2022 – 22.10.2022,

Madrid, Spain.

La perspectiva de género se fusiona con la perspectiva de diversidad de género para dar resultado a una muestra en la que se representará lo arquetípicamente no representado.
Ineditad y Galeria Beatriz Pereira se unen en esta ocasión para reivindicar el arte como instrumento de cambio social. 


"The gender half truth" RAMBOYA

November 2021



"Das Wasser / Water / H2O" Lite Haus Galerie

October 2021 


vista general expo II.jpg

"Inner tension II"  Faculty of Fine arts, Teruel, Zaragoza, Spain.

June 2016

expo III.jpg

"Inner tension"

Biblioteca Municipal Nova al-Russafí

March 2016 Valencia, Spain.

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